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Baldwin Motorbike Saddles tries to bring you the best available materials available in the market for custom motorcycle seats.  We pride ourselves in providing quality materials in our custom motorcycles seats at fair prices.  These are materials that we use on our own custom motorcycle seats on our own motorcycles. 

Custom Motorcycle Seat Cover Materials

Leather- We use full grain protected aniline dyed cowhide with an ultra petite pebble full grain.  The feel is smooth and ever so slightly waxy.  When you upgrade to leather the complete cover is made from leather, NOT just the seating surface. We stock Black, so if you want something different drop us an email for a quote.
         Leather Care  


Vinyl - Our selection

Our black leather grained vinyl is not leather but sure does a great job looking the part. 

Vanguard by Futura vinyl has a soft, supple hand and contains high-tech micro-emboss technology to create a great faux leather look!  I like using this material when a rider wants to add some color to their seat and looking for a leather grain look.


Vanguard Ostrich by Futura vinyl has a soft, supple hand and contains high-tech micro-emboss technology to form the absolute best ostrich match on the market!


Diamond Weave embossed vinyl that looks awesome, and feel incredible with a supple hand.
Available in black only.

Carbon Fiber embossed vinyl has a great look and can add that custom touch to your new saddle.


Thread -  We use polyester thread for it's superior resistance to sunlight (UV), mildew, and abrasion.
Seat Top Stitching Standard Color Options



Red Wine

Cherry Red

Yale Blue

Dusk Blue

Navy Blue





Old Gold


Lime Green


Burnt Orange

If you are looking for a thread color not list just ask for it!


Foam - Orthopedic
We use SunMateŽ which is a viscoelastic "memory" foam with slow spring back, which allows it to contour to the body, and then slowly return to its original shape once pressure is removed. The cushion material is open-celled, which maximizes airflow to reduce heat buildup. SunMateŽ also alleviates sitting fatigue by uniformly distributing pressure and absorbing impact energy, making it one of the most comfortable, most versatile cushion materials on the market.

Pro Pad Polymer Gel Inserts
A viscoelastic dry polymer seat insert that tolerates a wide range of operating temperatures: -60 degrees to +210 degrees.  Our polymer inserts are silicone-free and leave no film or residue that can destroy seat materials.  They stop "numb butt", reduce rider fatigue and shorten recovery time on very long rides. 



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Last modified: 02/26/15